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  • TorchLifeGang (TLG) 3:05
  • Action2:44
  • Prodigy (Freestyle)2:53
  • Wildin (final)2:35
  • XIV.V.VI.XVI2:53


Daniel Sandles aka “Torch”

daniel Sandles also known as "Torch" is a fireball for the kingdom and you can hear it in his music.  Torch growing up in roswell, new mexico live in a family of 4.  growing up in the church in his preteen years his father backslid and fell away from the church resulting in becoming an alcoholic and shortly after, divorce was prominent.  with no father figure around daniel became infatuated with drugs, women and gangs.   at the age of 14 daniel was kicked out of church countless times for selling drugs, fighting, homes issues, and rebellion.  knowing god, he always remembered his mother saying when you grow up you'll have to find god for yourself and at 15 he surely did.  he had a supernatural experience at the roswell cemetery leading him back to christ and surrendering his life to god's will. soon after he left roswell to live a new life in california where he was prayed over and received the mantle of music from kim clement in san jose.  torch then relocated back to new mexico where he had a burning desire to reach the youth in a unique way and became a praise and worship leader in santa fe, new mexico at a prophetic and apostolic ministry.  from there he drove into music full fledged and asked god for the fire to come upon him to do his will.  torch no lives in albuquerque, new mexico and sticks to the slogan uncaged and torchlife with an aggressive sound he plans to use to reach his community in a way nobody has done.  

​Instagram: @TORCHABQ

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facebook: @torchabql