At the height of his professional progress in music production and sound engineering Quinton developed a keen eye for videography and photography. Seeking to sharpen his unique artistic perspective to film and motion pictures, Quinton stepped away from his career pursuits in 2007 and started to study digital film, and editing full time at the Art Institute. Now in his fifth year of video production and editing, Quinton and his business partner at On Faith Entertainment took on the challenge of creating their first independent film.  “Journey Home” is the emotional urban drama inspired by Trayvon Martin that was written, directed, and filmed by Quinton personally. Touched by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the strong similarities to his memories as a teenager, Quinton constructed a script that humanizes the tragedy in a way that only true art can do. Now establishing himself as an aspiring filmmaker willing to tackle subjects of great polarity, Quinton looks forward to using the film to promote a broader conversation on the value of young life, and the fact that everyone deserves a second chance. Quinton is a married father of one, currently residing in North  Carolina. From Quinton “Change is the point when who you are meets who you will be, and you become someone you have never been. Everyone deserves a chance to change.”