Pastor roy dockery is the product of a nomadic upbringing that allowed him to develop a comprehensive perspective of the world from the other side of the tracks.  Similar to the story of his urban heroes, he was raised by a single mother, after his parents’ divorce at the age of 3.  Roy-Al has been exposed to the overwhelming reality of the black ghetto experience.  Attending thirteen schools, moving state to state, and home to home had a detrimental impact on his social skills so he secluded to art as his primary form of expression.  Starting with sketches, and moving to portraits, Roy-Al found freedom in art that allowed him to escape the circumstances of his home environment.  Transitioning in his teenage years from crafting pictures, to using written words to emphasize his emotions.  Writing became a way for Roy-Al to speak about his life and pain in a way that was both uplifting to those who listened, and cathartic to the performer.  Attending a Historically Black College introduced Roy-Al to a deeper understanding of community activism, civil rights and the need for a voice of change.  Roy-Al is working on a platform to encourage dramatic change in our communities by focusing on three key factors.  Literacy, Identity, and Equity are the keys to overcoming the “L.I.E.” that stereotypes project in popular society.  Roy-Al hopes to continue to spread his message of change and opportunity to the youth of America, through music, and outreach, inspiring a new generation of leaders to continue the fight for a better tomorrow.  “You would never imagine where I have been, from where I am today.  The path of the under privilege is never a straight line, but we can still manage to reach our destination”




  • You Made Me4:11
  • What Do You Want From Me3:51
  • Navigation4:43
  • Another Mans Dreams3:50
  • Aliteration3:41
  • Dream3:03