William Flerry aka DuceWyld - ‘Do U C Evil When You Look Down’

Duce was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in the East Denver Whittier neighborhood. The third born of four siblings and father of two children, he’s also the son of a musician. His father was a bass singer in the 1950's blues group called The Sparks and shared the stage with music legends like James Brown and Aretha Franklin. Duce knew from an early age that music was in his blood and at the age of ten, he wrote his first song entitled, Make It.

By fifteen, Duce had joined forces with his cousin to form a group called 2nd Generation (secular rap). After three years of battle rapping and performing (mostly local Metro area)the group found themselves on a flight to Los Angeles, California where they would participate in an A&R listen with Christine Alexander of Def Jam Records. After contract negotiations fell apart the group parted ways from management and eventually each other.

Finding new purpose in Christ and growing frustrated with secular music Duce has now reemerged DuceWyld, vowing to never again use the God given gifts to spread a poisonous message. He’s joined the Rebelushun, more specifically, Rebelushun Music.

With solo artists, Anotha Martyr and BcB Bell, Rebelushun began taking the Message to the people everywhere from bars and clubs and the streets to the church, with a mission to share the gospel of Christ The King.

In recent years, DuceWild spread the message in Dallas, Texas, but has since returned to Colorado to join O.F.E with the rest of the Rebelushun. (Ducewyld)"I don't want the Glory ! I want to shine a light in a dark time and if I can touch at least one, save one soul it's payment enough "

Discography....coming soon