• Oh Man Oh Man.mp34:05
  • Im a Boss4:29
  • Supreme3:14
  • Bout This Life5:54
  • More4:18
  • Profit3:05



Brandon Wilson, aka "Block bishop." Is a husband to one, a father to many, a minister, a man, and a servant of Christ. He believes in pure lyricism and puts forth every effort to spread the Gospel truth through dope bars, hot beats and an anointing from above. Brandon has been attacked in a multitude of ways, but through the grace of God, and the prayer of His wife and family he always manages to learn from his mistakes and bounce back better then ever. Brandon is not just a rapper but a pastor, preacher, and motivational speaker.  Brandon uses his former life to be able to relate to those who are still struggling with the things he struggled with.  His passion for the streets and reoccurring presence in the hood, has earned him the title, "Block Bishop".  He has made a decision to Love all people and never back down from any challenge. He believes without a shadow of a doubt, that this is his season for restoration, and everything that the enemy has stolen from him will be returned 100 fold. If you give him an ear he will lead you to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and he will show you the heart of a champion.  He stands by the statement that consistency changes lives, therefore He is consistent in prayer, He is consistent in love and he is consistent in pure unadulterated ministry and truth.

instagram: @blockbishop_ofe

Twitter: @bambossmusic25

​facebook: Brandon Wilson ofe