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Brett Bell Jr. aka "BCB"
I am a rap artist, producer, and engineer from Denver, Colorado. I am the oldest of three siblings and now a father of one & a husband. My music background starts from playing the Alto Saxophone from the 4th grade, throughout high school until I graduated. I had interest of getting involved in rap music at the age of 14. At age 15, I started making beats and recording music.  I was a member of the local Colorado group "CoConnec" and released two studio albums. In 2013, my view on Hip Hop changed and I decided to change my approach towards the type of music that I would make. I began to minister in my rhymes & include a much more positive, scripture oriented style of music as I had been saved by Jesus Christ. In 2014, I worked with H.E.A.T. Inc performing at different churches and community outreaches. We released a mixtape titled "Flamethrowers" that summer. 2015 has brought Rebelushun Music and a reunion with Anotha Martyr.
 I  have a passion for bringing the good news as I'd like for everyone to experience the things that Christ has shown me. In growing up in the suburbs of Denver, I have been exposed to the struggles of "street life" & would like to help save individuals from a constant battle of that lifestyle being the only thing that they know.

Instagram: @303bcb

Facebook: bcb bELL

Twitter: @303bcb