At'Eaze is a unique breed of inspirational hip hop artist. He's what's called a "Lyrical Psychologist". Born and raised in a musical family, it was his destiny to take what he learned along with the gift he had been blessed with and speak life to any and everyone he could reach. At'Eaze, or "Eazy", is the true definition of a music head. He listens to old school r&b, neo-soul, old school and new school hip hop, some country, some classical, jazz, blues, and gospel, but never "rap". He feels that rap and hip hop can never be categorized as the same types of music. Rap is putting materialistic rhymes to a beat without giving any type of gift to the listener aside of another dope beat and catchy hook. But hip hop, thats art! Hip hop gives life, hope, strength. It talks about the struggles in everyday life, it gives the gift of knowledge, self-esteem, inspiration. At'Eaze notices that many hip hop artists talk about the issues, the problems, the struggles and difficulties in everyday life, but not many give solutions or ways out. His calling was to be the one to give those solutions, give those outlets, reasons to change the ways they've become accustomed to. And what better way to do that, than to walk in line with God's will while pursuing his passion ten toes down. #KillReligion



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