James Hamilton aka “Anotha Martyr”
I was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up mostly in California. I am the oldest of three siblings and now father of three. I took interest in music as a young child. Since 2011, my style and message have changed from strictly secular/hardcore rap, to a more positive, Christian based sound. I founded “Rebelushun Music” in 2012. Rebelushun (Rebel-you-shun) Music is inspired by the Gospel of Christ Jesus and how he rebelled against the culture when the world was in very wicked and chaotic times, similar in ways to what we deal with today. I hope to reach the minds and hearts of both young and old with the message of hope within my music. As a black man who grew up in the “hood”, I feel that my music will impact those who are struggling to avoid prison and death in the streets of our country, and for those abroad, an introduction to the movement. I intend to share my beliefs while not forcing them upon my fans and listeners with hope that it helps them to think about what we live for, and that violence, evil, and the glorification of “bad” is not the way to live our lives…